Bowling Themed Wedding

I have been working all my days as a local photographer since I completed my college studies. Though it was a tough job, I really had passion in working as a photographer as a part time worker. I earned much experience in photographing since after completing my high school my uncle who was a photographer invited me to stay with him in his house. He used to work as a full time photographer because he was staying in an urban center and he really earned a lot of cash from photography. Most weekends I used to accompany him to his work and we used to take pictures of houses, birds and mostly people who opted to have family photos.

Staying with him made me to have passion for photography and he taught me how to use different types of cameras which acted as an added advantage. Although I took a different course in college apart from photography, when my uncle retired I felt the need for me to work as a part time photographer. This was because he was the only photographer in that small town and I had to replace him.

One day I received an invitation letter to attend a wedding ceremony that was taking place the following weekend. It was the wedding of our mayor’s son and I was to be their wedding photographer. What surprised many was the venue, the wedding was to take place at a bowling center. No one in that town had ever held their wedding in a bowling center and I had the privilege to attend as a photographer. We had many cameras in my uncle’s place but I had to ask him to choose for me the best camera which I was supposed to use. He gave me a canon 5D mark III digital camera since he considered it to be the best. This camera has been designed with features that improves its ability to record a high quality video and can capture a high quality image.

The day eventually came and everybody in town was talking about that wedding. Those who didn’t have the invitation letters wished that they could snatch one since many people including celebrities from other areas were invited to attend. That wedding was unique from other weddings which were always held in that town. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen came along with a pair of bowling shoes because they were going to participate in bowling game along with the married couple. I noticed that the bowling shoe was somehow different from other sports shoe because it was designed with rubber soles that allows easy movement through the bowling alley.

As a photographer, I didn’t let any moment pass without taking photos, the sole job I was hired to do, not the cake eating one I gave myself. People who attended cheered loudly when it was turn for the married couple to play the game. I took a lot of photos and many people had me take their pictures together with the married couple. I really enjoyed the wedding.