Dog Photo Portrait Ideas and Tips

When you are a photographer, there are many things you need to know. Different photographers specialize in different field of photography. Pet photographers are always considered to be the best than those who only take photographs of houses or people. To be a pet photographer, especially when working to take photographs of dogs, you need to understand and learn about them.

Many dogs unlike other animals are always branded using a dog collar. Dog collars always have information about the dog and are mainly for identification. Some dog collars contain pet name of that dog, the name of the owner and some owners may include medical information. Any photographer who wishes to join this type of niche needs to know the following tips;

Be Flexible

When shooting photos of dogs or other pets such as cats, you should be able to make your body flexible so that you can be able to move into different directions. Moving in different directions or positions allows the photographer to capture a good image. It also gives the photographer enough room to capture a clear image.

Be Patient

Photographers with no or little patience cannot take or capture an amazing photograph of a dog. A patient photographer will always get the best caption. With good patience skills you can easily capture a dog when it is relaxed and get a nice shot of it.

Always be relaxed

Animals like dogs will always respond or feel uncomfortable around people who are strangers. Even though a photographer will always have to be moving around a dog in order to take clear captions, they may not manage because the dog may feel scared and run off. For photographers to be able to capture a decent shot of the dog you must have the ability to remain calm and relaxed. You should also be familiar with the dog and sometimes have fun with it so that you can capture an amazing photo.

Have a good and enough space

If you are in a room and want to take a photo of a dog, the room needs to have enough space. Any distractive objects that may be near you should be removed. Some of this objects will always block you while trying to capture an image or some may even cause an accident. Having inadequate space will reduce the quality of the image that you may shoot.

Have enough light in the room

The place where you need to take the photograph of the dog should have enough light. Natural light is mostly advised since the room occupied with it will always produce a good image with high quality.

Try to capture the attention of the dog

Try to learn the behavior of the dog and you will know how to capture their attention. If you may not understand how they behave, try to use their owner. Their owner should at least try whistle or call them and if they responds, you can be able to capture that beautiful moment of them.



Canon 5D Mark III First Impression

During my early age as a photographer, I always used cameras such as standard compact cameras for taking photographs. I used those cameras since I was just a local photographer and cameras had not been well developed like these days. I managed to use those cameras because they were small in size thus making them light and easy to use. They were also cheap due to its design which made it to be easily affordable. This is usually the convenient camera for amateur photographer because of their availability

These days more jobs have been allocated to photographers such as working for media companies which needs a photographer to acquire a well-designed digital camera. There was a need for me to acquire a new camera because I had been assigned a job at a local media company. Many photographers in the company had advanced cameras than the one I was using before. These digital cameras were of different types and fortunately they improved the quality of work produced by the photographers.

Before I chose on what type of digital camera I wanted to use, I asked for advice from my friend who was working as a camera man in a movie show which used to be air on television. He had much experience in using different digital cameras. He gave me information on various digital cameras but he insisted that I should try using the Canon 5D Mark III cameras because he considered it to be the best.

I bought this camera in an online market because it was not available in shops located in my town. After acquiring it I noticed that it had much different from the one which I was previously using. After using it I came to the like the new included feature, which are;

3.2” clear view LCD monitor

This was much different from the previous camera I was using since it produces high quality viewing without anti-reflection coating. It displays images and videos of high quality because the LCD monitor allows for sharp viewing.

It has an efficient design

camera has been built with material that makes its housing tough hence providing resistance to dust. Handling of this camera is also simple because it has customized controls. It has been housed with a rubber skin coating that offers the user comfort while using the camera

61-point High Density Reticular AF

This helps in maintaining focus even if you are in a worse situation. The AF system is highly accurate and extremely low-light sensitive.

22.3 Megapixel Full-Frame CMOS Sensor

It provides the photographer with a high quality images and videos. It has a maximum resolution of 5760 by 3840 pixels.

EOS HD Video

This camera supports recording of full HD video in different formats such as 1080/30p, 24p, 25p; 720/60, 50p; 480/30p, 25p. It also has the ability to adjust settings and audio levels while recording.

Canon 5D mark iii camera has been designed with many features that helps the photographer to achieve a high quality image and videos. Some more features include DIGIC 5+ Image Processor, IFCL 63-Zone Dual Layer Metering Sensor, Intelligent Viewfinder, Multiple Exposure and High Dynamic Range, Wireless and GPS compatible, Silent Shutter Mode, Electronic Level and Optional Battery Grip. I really enjoyed using this of digital camera.

A Surf Photographer`s Tips

Pictures explain more than words, pictures of surfers riding wave are just remarkable. Images of surfers in action against enormous waves are all over the internet, they all have one thing in common, they are all captivating and enticing and due to this photographers might think it’s relatively an easy task to capture these moments, which is not the case. Many photographers have confessed that it’s no just a matter of picking up your camera and snapping, the timing has to be extremely right, the photographer has to be patient and wait for the right moments. These are among other few tips I learnt that will help you take incredible snaps the next time you find yourself on a surfing hotspot.

Before surfing there are some important equipment you need to have. Some of these equipment’s are wetsuits, surf wax and surfboards. Most wetsuits are used during cold weather surfing thus maintaining the temperature of the body. Wetsuits also have resistance in wearing of.

Use a lens with high magnification

Surfers usually zoom at fast speeds, therefore in order for you to capture those rare perfect peak moments, you need to have the right tools for the job, personally I chose the Canon 5D mark III which has features such as 3.2 inch clear view LED monitor, intelligent viewfinder and a DIGIC 5+ image processor among others. A good camera gives you real-time opportunity to capture that wow! Moment.

Study the light before you start shooting

As a photographer I know you are aware of how important the light aspect is to any caption, generally, the light aspect in surf photography is greatly based on studying how the light is reflecting off the water surface. You want to be on the side with low reflection, this can be achieved by looking straight ahead with a keen eye to notice how and where the light is bouncing towards.

Keep your ISO low

For those of us who have been to the beach, it’s evident that it is usually flooded with light, thus you should keep your ISO settings to the lowest level possible to minimize the noise effect.

Polarizing filter

Among my favorite filters around reflective surfaces is the circular polarizing filter. During a typical normal beach day, the sun is always shining bright and creating many reflections, the polarizing filter absorbs most of these reflections especially if you find yourself shooting on the reflection filled side.

Keep practicing

As stated earlier, surf photographs have that incredible potential to look great, therefore, you need to keep on doing research and practice to evolve from good to great.

Positioning of the image

When shooting a surfer, you are trying to get a highly detailed image. The basic rule of any type of photography is to know where to position your image; the average best position in surfing is in the middle in order to display how the surfer interacts with water.


Though all beaches and surfing spots may seem same, there are different techniques of taking surfing snaps from the different wave beaches, a serious surf photographer will be constantly travelling to familiarize themselves with the different techniques of surf snapping.

Bowling Themed Wedding

I have been working all my days as a local photographer since I completed my college studies. Though it was a tough job, I really had passion in working as a photographer as a part time worker. I earned much experience in photographing since after completing my high school my uncle who was a photographer invited me to stay with him in his house. He used to work as a full time photographer because he was staying in an urban center and he really earned a lot of cash from photography. Most weekends I used to accompany him to his work and we used to take pictures of houses, birds and mostly people who opted to have family photos.

Staying with him made me to have passion for photography and he taught me how to use different types of cameras which acted as an added advantage. Although I took a different course in college apart from photography, when my uncle retired I felt the need for me to work as a part time photographer. This was because he was the only photographer in that small town and I had to replace him.

One day I received an invitation letter to attend a wedding ceremony that was taking place the following weekend. It was the wedding of our mayor’s son and I was to be their wedding photographer. What surprised many was the venue, the wedding was to take place at a bowling center. No one in that town had ever held their wedding in a bowling center and I had the privilege to attend as a photographer. We had many cameras in my uncle’s place but I had to ask him to choose for me the best camera which I was supposed to use. He gave me a canon 5D mark III digital camera since he considered it to be the best. This camera has been designed with features that improves its ability to record a high quality video and can capture a high quality image.

The day eventually came and everybody in town was talking about that wedding. Those who didn’t have the invitation letters wished that they could snatch one since many people including celebrities from other areas were invited to attend. That wedding was unique from other weddings which were always held in that town. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen came along with a pair of bowling shoes because they were going to participate in bowling game along with the married couple. I noticed that the bowling shoe was somehow different from other sports shoe because it was designed with rubber soles that allows easy movement through the bowling alley.

As a photographer, I didn’t let any moment pass without taking photos, the sole job I was hired to do, not the cake eating one I gave myself. People who attended cheered loudly when it was turn for the married couple to play the game. I took a lot of photos and many people had me take their pictures together with the married couple. I really enjoyed the wedding.